Joshua Tree National Park // California, USA

How cool has been this engagement session at Joshua Tree?! Adrian and Stephanie are a couple from Los Angeles, who was planning to get married in Italy in 2019; but first we had a couple session together “at their home”, in the California desert. I met them outside the Joshua Tree National Park during my trip around Southwest of USA. They arrived with their bike, their doggie and two huge smiles on their faces. They’re excited and I felt the same!
We spent a couple of hours around the park, hiking on the funny giant rocks, running in the beautiful wild flowers of May and dancing in the sunset light. At the end of the engagement session at Joshua Tree, Adrian rode his Italian bike in the very last light of the day.

I loved this couple so much, I’m so grateful to have shared with two special guys like them such an important experience. And to celebrate this moment, we had a very special dinner together: around the bonfire with burgers and beers, under the desert night sky stargazing till the dawn!