Villa Podernovo // Siena, Tuscany

When Margherita and Umberto wrote me about their wedding at San Galgano Abbey my mind started run, thinking about this epic place. This ancient abbey is one of the most famous symbol of Tuscany and a real dream for every wedding photographer. Its Gothic style, the light stones and the unique roofless walls make this church an unique place, full of charme and history.
And Margherita and Umberto wedding was unique and charming too, surrounded by the most genuine love ever seen and emotional like never before! Their ceremony took place at the little chapel close to the abbey, the Rotonda of Montesiepi; after that we had a memorable couple session in the gentle Tuscan light inside the San Galgano Abbey. Shooting there was an incredible experience, every single corner of this place gave me a lot of inspiration, speaking about silence, calm and light reflections.
The reception continued at Villa Podernovo, a countryside farmhouse, in a relaxed but refined atmosphere.

I could’t ask for a better couple for my first wedding at San Galgano Abbey: they trusted me in every way, they were smiling, close and thrilled about my work! I can say they are perfect, as their wedding in Tuscany has been!
If you would like to have me as photographer for your wedding in Tuscany too, feel free to write me some lines! I love this region and I’d be happy to come back soon.