travel wedding photographer

Hello, I’m Margherita

Nice to meet you! I’m a travel wedding photographer based in Italy; this has been my vocation for several years and I can say it’s a huge part of my life. I chose this because I wanted to communicate my own vision of things, life and mostly love, through images that speak my language. I draw my inspiration from authenticity, sincere gestures and intimacy between two souls, two lovers. I want my images to evoke intense and real moments in a genuine style, expressing beauty and love. While working, I try to find this beauty in every little detail, in the touch of hands and in the whispering of lips.
To me, photography is not static perfection but rather impulse, honesty and imperfection.

My work as travel wedding photographer

I work everywhere in Italy and all around the world. Photography gives me the chance to travel extensively, together with my work – and life! – partner. I always dream of new destinations and adventures, and I’m always ready to explore these with wandering couples, always trying something different and exciting! I prefer Nordic countries and places with a wild character and a raw and ruling nature.
Aside from taking pictures and travelling all around, I love my peaceful and cozy home, spending the winter evenings cooking, watching movies and cuddling my cat, practicing yoga wherever I can and taking long walks around to discover my city.

My approach during Wedding Day

I work with a reportage approach, combining this discreet character with a more careful and delicate touch. I like to remain behind the scenes, not imposing upon the wedding, while capturing the essence of all authentic moments. I seek authenticity in all of its aspects, capturing it in true, emotional pictures. I strive to depict the real atmosphere of your day, as you planned and imagined it, with its lights and feelings; for this reason I only work with slight equipment, with no artificial lighting or gimmicks.
I use the same approach during the portrait session with bride and groom, a prime moment for me to capture the most honest and intimate love. This is a very intense part of the day, first one for you as husband and wife all alone, and I’d like to take it easy, in a silent and peaceful way.

I prefer small weddings with a few guests, outdoor ceremonies, unconventional venues. I love factories, woods and greenhouses weddings; I love receptions surrounded by nature or set by the sea and everything is cozy, relaxed and informal. Do you want to know something more about my preferences? Read this list and find out if we are made for each other!


Yes, I am a travel wedding photographer! I live in Turin, a beautiful city in the North of Italy, but most of my work is done elsewhere. I’m always happy to work in a new place, so I’m available to follow you anywhere on Earth. I’ll rate for you a custom quotation for the travel cost, doing my best to keep it to a minimum.

I’ll be in Rome (January), Croatia (February), Ibiza (May) and Apulia (June-July).
If you’re planning to be in these places please let me know!

Yes, combined to my photographic services I offer several kind of albums, all handmade and fine art printed by the best album companies in Europe. You can view some examples here or ask me for the complete wedding brochure to receive more details.

I deliver a variable number of photos according to the event, from a minimum of 400 for elopements or intimate weddings to over 800 images for more traditional weddings. I deliver only high resolution images in jpeg format, edited one by one in my personal style. I never give you raw files or unedited images, because they’re not part of a finished work.

I suggest you make the reservation as soon as you have made your decision, because I work on a “first come, first served” basis. I require a signed contract between us and the payment of the deposit to reserve you the date in a formal way.

Weddings are my core business, but I also offer portrait sessions for couples (engaged or not-yet!), families and pregnant women. I am also available for editorial work or advertising projects in the fashion industry. If you need further information drop me a line.

I have been featured in the most important wedding blogs and magazines like Wedding Chicks, Snippet & InkLa Mariée Aux Pieds NusBridal MusingsRock n Roll Bride, Wedding WonderlandMarie Claire and many more.