Margherita Calati / Italy and Europe wedding photographer

fine art portrait photographer

I’m Margherita, a wedding photographer specializing in intimate weddings and unique love stories.

I think I can describe my work as a “boutique business”, where the most important thing is not doing everything faster
but doing what I feel really mine, sharing a little of my vision and taste with my couples.
I want to communicate a vivid and genuine memory with my photography,
the intensity of the moment and, above all, the beauty of your own story.
My pictures are spontaneous, my presence during the day is hidden and respectful.
I work as wedding photographer with a reportage approach, combining this discreet character with a more careful and delicate touch.

I draw my inspiration from authenticity, sincere gestures and intimacy between two souls, two lovers.
Taking my pictures, I aim to portray a tale, impressing such feelings in a true, intimate and poetic manner.

(G. Deledda)

I’m from Italy, and I’m available to travel all around the world to follow you and tell of your wedding, elopement or other kind of love story with my voice and my style.
Feel free to ask me for the complete wedding brochure to receive more details about my work or to book your date!